Little Reminder for Self Love

You deserve to live the life you have always wanted and you are more than capable of creating that life.

Gorgeous, you have something so special to offer this world and we need you to share it. Stop waiting for “the right time” or a waiting for someone to give you a permission slip to create and live your life. Give yourself permission to dream and dream big, give yourself permission to choose, give yourself permission to live on your own terms and live the life you have chosen and you have created.

Buy a plane ticket and travel the world, dye your hair pink, wear sequins just to pick up the groceries. Break the rules and smash through the boundaries. Do exactly what you want to do, be exactly who you want to be, wear exactly what you want to wear and believe in who you are.

Face everyday and everyone with kindness, accept that other people aren’t always going to be on the same path as you, they might not even understand how you got on that path – but it doesn’t matter. Just because your dreams are different doesn’t make either of them unimportant.

Take every opportunity and take every chance with faith that no matter what, everything is happening for you, for you to grow, to learn, to connect and to share. Be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams.

You are welcoming abundance, you are welcoming success, you are welcoming choice and you are more than deserving of everything you are welcoming into your life. 

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