Consistency = Success

“Successful people do ordinary things with extraordinary consistency, commitment and focus” – Jon Gordon

Have you ever forgotten to brush your teeth one night? It happens! But the next morning you jump straight back into your routine (hopefully!) Why should your business be any different? So often we see people start to fall short of their performance expectations and start to lose consistency within their business and the service they are offering. We want to make sure as soon as you identify this shift in consistency you have a plan to get back into giving consistent value rather than waiting to start again “on Monday” or “next month”. You wouldn’t let your dental hygiene fall out of a consistent priority and neither should the value you are offering your business and community.  

Our top tips to stay consistent within your business and community. ..

  1. Set a routine – create a realistic standard of value that you can consistently deliver 
  2. Be clear – clarify your message and your values to ensure that through every platform and all of you communication to your community is consistent. Make sure you check out the consistency checklist in our Savvi Member’s Group
  3. Over prepare – when it comes to content creation and the delivery always stay ahead and be prepared (or better yet over prepared). It is inevitable that something (or everything) is going to get in the way that can distract you from creating your fabulous and valuable content. We strongly recommend staying at least one month ahead of your content creation so when it is time to be delivered to your community – this way your business or distraction in the moment isn’t displayed through your content. 
  4. Be realistic – setting realistic expectations for yourself and what you can achieve to a high standard and quality of work. “A job worth doing is a job worth doing well”
  5. Celebrate your success – take the time to appreciate success and celebrate every win. The ability to reflect and appreciate how far you’ve come and only further motivates you to stay consistent in your growth

And remember, “Consistency is what transforms average into excellence” – always strive for excellence. 

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