“I’m just a girl standing in front of a work day asking for it to be a holiday”

So many gorgeous women come to me with the same problem, “I struggle so much to fit in holidays now that I work for myself” and I can completely relate to that sense of restriction, however it is one thing to relate to a common problem it is another to accept it for your life. For years I hid behind that very same excuse. The truth is when you first start work yourself you have to be the apprentice, the cleaner, the receptionist, the CEO and everyone else in between! How are you ever going to fit in holidays? The truth is how are you ever going to survive without making time to rest and refuel. 

Just to clarify – this is not a message to force you to take six weeks off and fly to New York for the Summer (of course if you want to I am all for it!).  This is a reminder to consciously mark out time in your diary to rest in whatever style that means for you. It might be an afternoon of massages and a facial, maybe a weekend completely switched off at home or even a trip away. There is no one size fits all when it comes to holidays, it is a break and a choice to stop and refuel. 

We are all working towards our own version of freedom and making time for yourself from the start is the only way to continually stay aligned with your version of success and remind you how it feels to live the lifestyle you deserve.  

Make time for a holiday for yourself (even if it is just a pamper afternoon). 

So many people dread five days out of their seven and spend Sunday night stressing about the week ahead – YOU DO NOT DESERVE THAT LIFESTYLE. Create a lifestyle that feels like a holiday and let Savvi Women help your create a business that compliments that. 

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