The Power of Self Talk – Choose your words carefully!

How often have you ever said –
I’ll be happy when…
I’ll feel successful when …
I’ll know I’ve made it when …
The truth is, your mind and body don’t know the difference between when you actually achieve success and when you visualise and speak of achieving your success. Later this year we will dive right into Self-confidence and how to borrow that confidence from your future self but it all starts with self talk – change the way you are speaking to yourself and take responsibility for the conversation you are having with the universe.
I’m sure you have heard the saying “’I am’ … two of the most powerful words, for what you say after them shapes your reality”.
Every time you speak, make sure you are speaking about your life the way you would speak if you were already living your goal lifestyle. Its not to trick yourself or anyone else for that matter, it is about shifting your mindset to actively look for the opportunities that will bring this lifestyle closer to you, it is about making choices out of preference rather than “fight or flight” mode.
Don’t worry about the how or when, just walk and talk like you are already on your way to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted and let the Universe match your visualisation and intent.

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