Dress For Your Success

I have no doubt you have heard the saying “its what is on the inside that counts” and I completely agree BUT I also really believe that the effort you put into your presentation says a lot about how your value yourself and also creates the very first impression another person can interpret when they meet you. 

There are no rules when it comes to your style or how you should dress and there is definitely no one size fits all when it comes to dressing for success – so here are our tips that you can apply to your own wardrobe and style. 

  1. Dress as your higher self: every time you leave the house, dress in an outfit that your highest self would be proud to wear. There is a saying that says, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and this really concept resonates with this message. You probably just read that and thought, “um what – I want to work myself, I won’t be applying for any jobs” – now let’s just calm down and apply this message to your situation. It might not be a job as such but a role, collaboration, guest speaker position or even a new business opportunity and the same concept applies – “dress that the (insert situation) you want, not your (insert current situation)”
  2. Create your own personal identifier or style: whether it’s a pattern you love, your favourite colour, branding colours or a style of clothing – find something and make it yours! For example; at every Savvi Event or any opportunity to represent Savvi Women I will be wearing pink and now as soon as anyone walks into my event they spot my pink and often say “Oh I recognised your pink from social media”. Choose a style that you love and make it your identifier so someone recognises you from social media to a social interaction.
  3. Walk tall: the most important tip I can give you when it comes to dressing for success is to find a style that you love and feel confident in every time you wear it. Your style should feel successful and make you want to enter a room feeling tall, proud and confident in your ability to represent yourself and your business. 

How often have you said “I have nothing to wear” while you’re staring at a full wardrobe? Yep, Me too. The truth is you do have something to wear just not something that necessarily suits who you want to show up as today. Make sure every-time you choose an outfit, it is because you love it not because you think it will impress someone else (unless its a bridesmaid dress – in that case; just put it on and smile).

Remember there are no set rules, don’t be afraid to try out different styles to find your confidence and make sure you are presenting yourself with the worth you deserve. 

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