Your Why

“What’s your why?”- I have no doubt you’ve been asked this time and time again. 

There are two places our WHY can stem from; it is an internal drive for more or an external force that gives you pride to strive for more.  The concept of understanding your why is often not something that is hard because it is on your mind constantly and it becomes the underlying motivation behind your choices and your ability to keep moving forward, however what happens when something gets in your way that is “harder” than you are willing to push? We quit, we decide it wasn’t meant to be, we surrender to the idea that this just wasn’t the right time or worse we blame the “hard situation”. I’m sure you’ve experienced this or at least seen it happen before, so how do we move past this? You need a stronger and deeper why, your why needs to be so important and impactful that no matter what “hard situation” you come up against, the thought of quitting is even harder to process. It has to be bigger than you.

So I am going to ask you again; “What is your why?” and go deeper “why is that important to you?” and even further “Why is this your impact to make?” and again “Why is that your why and why are you the person to make this change?”

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