From Isolation to Fabulous Creation

We are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel after isolating. The quote “rejection or redirection” as never been more relevant. 
It is no surprise there has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I have experienced it all – DIY projects, home workouts, Instagram story challenges, and I have even downloaded TikTok! But I have also experienced uncertainty, fear and anxiety that kept me in bed. The truth is it was hard – just to clarify it didn’t mean our lives were hard, just hard moments in our life (a very important distinction to remember). A part of me is excited to come back to some sort of new normality but if I’m honest a much larger part of me refuses to go back to normal. If I’m honest, normal wasn’t always fabulous – it was busy, it was stressful and I spent more time checking the time to make sure I wasn’t late than actually being present in my time. So how can we redirect from Isolation to a Fabulous Creation and create a new normal! A normal that we choose, a normal that feels abundant and a normal that focuses on quality over quantity.

Here are my tips to come from Isolation to a Fabulous Creation;

+ Set reminders; I have set 5 reminders a day in my phone to remind me to take a moment to stop and focus on my wellbeing, whether thats to drink some water, read a book or say my affirmations

+ Default Diary; take control of your time. Map out segments in your calendar daily or weekly to focus on set tasks and stick to that commitment. This really helps if you struggle to try and multitask a million different ideas – stop!

+ Self Care; what does self-care mean to you? Maybe a walk, a face mask, spending time with friends? Make it a priority. You absolutely must fill up your own crystal champagne glass before you can share any of your sparkles!

+ Prioritise your Health; What does that even mean? Exercise, eat foods that compliment the way you want to feel, make sure you are getting enough sleep, talk openly about how you are feeling and invest time into the people that light you up.

+ Have fun; I am a big people of the saying “do whatever you want, whenever you want – as long as it isn’t hurting anybody else”. Think careful about what you missed most during isolation and prioritise it – wear the most fabulous outfit you can (even if it is just to the grocery store), compliment strangers, book a holiday, organise to see friends (and actually do it).

If isolation as taught us anything it is that, we never know when everything can be taken away from us – from essentials to “non-essentials” (aka these are a few of my favourite things). Stop waiting and start prioritising what is important to you! The only regret is “what if”.

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