Isolation Lessons and Blessings!

Holy Moly! What a crazy start to the ’20s! 

I will give you a quick run through of what the start of 2020 looked like for me – I was having the year of my life. I started the year in New York City (my favourite place in the whole world), I was the fittest I have ever been and was in an amazing routine at work…. SPOILER ALERT… after three months in isolation my year looked and most importantly felt, very different. I started strong with home workouts, and focusing on my goals but as my mental health started to struggle with the social isolation my ability to stay positive also fell short. In short, I hardcore struggled, I had days where I could barely get out of bed and I felt like someone (aka anxiety) was sitting on my chest. Is this resonating with you at all?

I can honestly say, historically speaking the ’20s are my absolute favourite decade! To me it feels like the decade of dreams and sparkles! I have completely refused to let the first 6 months take away from the decade of dreams! So how can we turn this around to get the most of the decade?

Here are some quick lifestyle tricks; and you can follow the blog below to learn my quick tips for yourself! 

+ Stop saying maybe; one thing I have learnt throughout isolation is the importance of choice. If you want to do something say yes and be proud of your choices and if you don’t say no and be grateful you get a choice. There were so many things we didn’t get a choice about during isolation – don’t give away your ability to choose so easily. 

+ Make time for ESSENTIALS; the past 3 months have made it really clear to each of us what we consider essential. Prioritise what is really important to you e.g. family, health, friends 

+ Make it happen; the world paused and gave us a chance to completely redirect what was really important to us. Get clear about your goals and move forward, take action and make it happen! There has never been a better time to recreate your life! 

I am so excited to see what the rest of this decade offers us! Make the most of this isolation lesson and enjoy the decade of sparkles and dreams!

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