A little self check-in…

Last week I shared with you what Isolation looked like and felt like for me, in the hope that you would know there is no right or wrong way to feel. There was no one size fits all when it comes to surviving isolation and it is absolutely okay to not be okay every single day. So it is time for you to let yourself express how you feel.

Check in with how you are feeling, how you are coping and just as importantly what you have learnt. Most people I have spoken to had moments of struggle throughout isolation but they aren’t necessarily ready for it to end. So I challenge you to be honest about how you are feeling and please take a moment if you need one. Here is some ideas to help you look after your well-being;

+ Surround yourself with people who support you; I often hear people recommend that you should surround yourself with people who make you happy but the truth is no matter who you are surrounded with you can’t be happy eery and that is completely okay! So instead I encourage you to surround yourself with people who support you – no matter what. People you feel comfortable opening up to, people who inspire you, people you encourage you to chase your dreams! 

+ Set goals and celebrate the mini milestones; we have finally had a moment to pause and clarify what is really important to you. Set goals and redirect your focus, work out exactly what want and say yes to everything that aligns with whats important to you! Celebrate every milestone of your goals and be proud of yourself for every progress. 

+ Take a moment; give yourself permission to have a break whenever you start to feel like you are disconnecting with your values. Taking a moment to realign and breathe is not only a good idea – it is the best idea. 

Please please please let me know if you need someone to reach out to!

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